We the DNC

Sally Boynton Brown for DNC Chair

Our party can’t afford to spend the next two years having an ideological debate on whether we are liberals or moderates. The Democratic Party has always represented the people and now more than ever we must blow the walls off our tent so everyone feels welcome.

On Nov. 8th, 50 percent of American voters stayed home.

It’s time to have an organizational conversation on how we become a resilient, innovative Party for the 21st century. Our most important mission is to inspire all Americans to participate fully in democracy and clear all barriers that stand between Americans and their right to cast a ballot. As your next DNC chair, I will lead the insurgency against the forces that threaten the country we love.

I am accessible, responsive, and an action-oriented professional who people trust. I have a unique skillset that joins high level strategic thinking with day-to-day operational execution.

For the last decade, saving our American democracy has been my personal mission. As DNC Chair, I will strive to involve everyone in the political process. Voting is just the beginning step to ensuring our government is of, by and for the people.

The challenges ahead demand innovation and passion. Let’s not let this opportunity slip through our fingers.