Campaign Finance Reform Must be a Top Priority for the DNC

Generally speaking, I believe the role of the DNC Chair is to be a megaphone for the grassroots of our Party. We are a big tent party with a wide array of views and opinions. However, there are a few areas that it is important for the Chair to take a strong position and lead. Campaign finance is one of those issues.

Campaign finance reform needs to be top priority of our Party. Citizens United is absolutely crushing the bedrock of our democracy and must be overturned. Comprehensive campaign finance reform is critical for our future. In my Blueprint for the Future plan, I have put together a workgroup to do develop solutions and strategies around implementation. But in the meantime, there are policies our Party can implement immediately to reflect our values on this issue.

Yesterday, at the For our Future forum hosted by the DNC, there was one key moment worth noting. DNC Member Christine Pelosi is proposing a resolution to ban corporate dollars from the DNC. She asked the Chair candidates, yes or no, “will you support this resolution.”

For me, the answer is simple. YES, I support her resolution to reinstate the DNC’s ban on corporate money. And I hope my fellow candidates will join me in supporting the resolution. Ultimately, the members of our organization will decide what they believe is best when they vote on the resolution and we will implement whatever final decision they reach. In the meantime, I will be very interested to listen to the opinions around this issue. For me, this is an issue about access. The Democratic Party has worked tirelessly to endure that we maintain and improve access for all Americans to voter registration, the ballot box, education, healthcare, marriage equality, and jobs that pay a living wage.

Now it’s time to give them access to us. We need to do is make sure everybody has equal access – whether you’re a homeless person without two pennies to rub together or somebody who tremendous influence you need to have access to the Chair. In my plan I outline a proposal to ensure the Chair has daily appointments with people who are not donors or influencers, but rather people who are just great Americans with great ideas who want to talk to the chair of the party.

You can read more about my plans to open up the DNC to our party by decentralizing power within in the organization in my Blueprint for the Future. Please join me in this effort to give our party back to our members.