Why I’m making a double endorsement

Some time ago, I endorsed Keith Ellison in his quest to become the next DNC Chair.

Today, I am announcing that I am “double endorsing” Sally Boynton Brown and Keith Ellison for DNC Chair.

Sally has fresh ideas that should be carefully considered. I have been so impressed by the nuts and bolts of Ms. Boynton Brown’s “Blueprint for the DNC,” and her perspectives regarding the DNC’s power structures, that a double endorsement of Sally Boynton Brown and Keith Ellison reflects my view on the type of leadership the DNC needs at this time.

It is time to fully explore a modern way of including and connecting with all Democrats and engaging the public with a fresh brand, based on our shared values.

I urge all DNC members to read Sally’s “Blueprint for the DNC,” and give it and her candidacy for Chair serious consideration.


Terry Tucker
DNC Member, Colorado