I was attacked by the Alt Right

Monday night I had the honor of speaking to Democracy in Color with fellow candidates for DNC Chair. It was an important and thoughtful discussion about how we elevate people of color within our Party and our Country. Some of my comments angered those on the Alt Right. Since last night, I have been attacked personally and viciously on social media from those spewing racist and hate-filled comments. Breitbart, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh have all attacked me today. They have even targeted my children.

I was asked about my support of the Black Lives Matter movement. You can listen to my full comments here:

I stand by my remarks. White people have been in power in our country for centuries. Democratic leaders need to do more listening and less talking when the people of our party are sharing their most vulnerable life experiences. This is the only way we will change the culture of the Democratic Party, by giving power to people’s voices.

I intend to keep pushing for honest, open, and sometimes very uncomfortable discussions about how we can revolutionize our Party. You can learn more about my plans to return power to the people in my Blueprint for the DNC.