Press Release: Christine Pelosi Endorses Sally Boynton Brown for DNC Chair

February 15, 2017

CONTACT: Norm Sterzenbach
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Christine Pelosi Endorses Sally Boynton Brown for DNC Chair

Boise – Campaign Boot Camp author and long-time California DNC Member Christine Pelosi endorsed Sally Boynton Brown for DNC Chair today. She is the California Women’s Caucus Chair and co-founded the DNC Veterans and Military Families Council.

In her endorsement, Pelosi cited Boynton Brown’s vision, strong values and her commitment to ban corporate donations, organize a true 57 state and 3,142 county strategy that includes our territories, Democrats Abroad and DC. She also supports Boynton Brown’s plan to expand the caucuses and councils within the DNC to include important areas such as the arts and climate change.

“As much as the DC based media wants to make this race about two ‘front runners”, the reality is that DNC members are taking a hard look at all of the candidates. Sally was the first DNC Chair candidate to support my resolution promoting people powered politics by banning corporate lobbyist donations to the DNC. Women who aspire to public service have a great role model in Sally Boynton Brown because she is a talented, populist and forward-thinking leader. Sally’s Blueprint is the most comprehensive we have seen and calls for the type of wide ranging reforms needed to prioritize people-powered politics in our Party again. As I said in remarks to Idaho’s 2016 Democracy Dinner, we Democrats must first change ourselves before voters will trust us to change the country. The Democratic needs more change-agents like Sally. Her Blueprint paves a path forward for Democrats, with concrete steps to restore trust, bring harmony and create an innovative, service-based DNC to resist Trump policies and advance our values.” said Pelosi.

“I am thrilled to have the support of Christine Pelosi,” said Sally Boynton Brown. “Christine has been a leading voice for change in our party for years. We have a shared vision for training our next generation of leaders and rebuilding our state and county parties to elect Democrats at every level of office. To win Democrats up and down the ballot in red states, blue states and purple states we need strong state parties who can depend on the partnership of the DNC to provide support-services and resources. I will ensure the DNC is that partner.”


Sally Boynton Brown is Executive Director of the Idaho Democratic Party and a 2016 Candidate for DNC Chair. Click Here to view the full text of her plan.