Who Is Sally

Sally Boynton Brown grew up in a working class Idaho family. She has met life’s challenges with curiosity and a love of solving problems. She is proud to be a mother, a wife, a community leader, a political worker, a small business owner, a mentor to women and a life-long learner.

Sally’s formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with an emphasis in conflict management, from Boise State University in 2005. While putting herself through college, Sally juggled multiple small-businesses to support her three young children.

“Looking back, I realize what a difficult decade that was. It didn’t feel that way though. I loved being a mom. I loved my kids. I loved dreaming of our future possibilities.”

Eleven years later, Sally’s 23-year-old son and 19- and 17-year-old daughters are still her proudest accomplishment.

Sally began her community leadership on Sunday mornings with her church family. She held several key leadership positions resulting in her tenure as President of the Idaho United Church of Christ church camp.

Sally turned her leadership skills to politics in 2006, managing several winning legislative races and working as Operations Director for Idaho’s gubernatorial race. She then took a job with the Idaho Democratic Party (IDP). She served as Field Director, Communication Director, and quickly moved into the Executive Director position in 2012.

“I had doubts about whether I was ready to lead a state party. I did what I always do. I ran through the fear. I made sure the job wasn’t about me—it was about our community and Idaho’s collective future. I surrounded myself with honest, hard working, committed, creative and forward-thinking people. I brought together the team and we got to work growing the Democratic Party in Idaho.”

As executive director, Sally was thrilled to have an opportunity to connect with people at a national level and wanted to be a part of an effort to create better cooperation between states. She quickly assumed a leadership role at the Association of State Democratic Party Executive Directors (ASDED). She now is serving as ASDED president.

In 2013, Sally began the Lead discussion group. Lead is a collaboration of national Democratic organizations focused on increasing the numbers of women leaders in the Democratic Party through discussion, engagement, and support. Lead organizations include DNC members and staff, members and staff of the Association of State Democratic Chairs, members of the Association of Democratic State Executive Directors and staff of Democratic state parties.

“This past election laid bare the sexism that women have endured every day of our lives for generations. Our path forward can’t gloss over this unjust barrier to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that pervades our society.”

Sally specializes in developing activist capabilities and operational structure to build strong organizations. She has successfully increased fundraising capacities at the IDP, as well as at the ASDED. She has sustained her team of full-time staff for the last four years and ended each of her 6 years with a surplus, a rare feat for a red state.
“A decade of work in Idaho politics has forged my indomitable will to conquer seemingly overwhelming obstacles. I am incredibly proud of the many organizational successes we have accomplished during my time as a leader in the Party. We are stronger and more united around our values, message and a shared vision.”

Sally strives to involve everyone in the political process. She has a unique skillset that joins high level strategic thinking with day-to-day operational execution, ensuring the organizations that she works with grow and exceed their objectives. For the last decade Sally has made saving our American democracy her greatest mission. Voting is just the beginning step to ensuring our government is of, by and for the people.

“It’s as simple as this—we must conquer our fears and change our party before we can create the change we want to see in our our nation and our world.”