DNC Blueprint for the Future

As someone who has worked for the Democratic Party for 6 years, I know our party’s issues came to a head during the last election cycle, however these issues have been with us for a while. It is clear we have reached a point where we are not being responsive to our members or the public. As uncomfortable as it is, we all need to be bold and challenge the status quo.

We are at a crossroads. We can choose to move ourselves past our defeats by looking honestly at the root causes or we can perish as a party. In this place and time, we need to give ourselves permission to take risks and embrace bold solutions that will lead us to victory in the coming years.

This plan outlines a bold vision for the future of our Party. It sets high expectations and ensures we will become a connected, mutually accountable community. It is a blueprint that redefines our purpose, and includes the concrete steps that will result in election wins on all levels. As President of the National Association of Executive Directors, as well as the director of a state Democratic organization, I am uniquely positioned to provide the visionary leadership for executing this plan.

I believe our greatest mission is to save our democracy. I have watched as Republican leaders have passed laws that have steered our country away from our Constitutional principles and taken away the rights and freedoms our people have worked so hard to gain. This plan is the first step towards taking back our future.

Building a 21st century organization will require that we move from our old ways of operating to create a new way of conducting ourselves, with supporting structure and procedures. To fully understand the massive systemic changes I am proposing, we will need to start with some terms that may be new to many readers, as they will be used throughout my DNC Blueprint for our Future:

Centralized and top down. Relies on consolidation of power, rigid hierarchy, and leveraging anything with value (knowledge, relationships, trust etc etc) as currency to be exchanged for power. The shape of an “old-power” structure is a pyramid tapering up to a few people who utilize the masses to maximize their own power.
Decentralized and relies on sharing and empowering each other. Key values for new-power align perfectly with our party: collaboration, transparency, and participation. By bringing diverse thinkers together we can access the best collaborative solutions with considerable buy-in from every perspective in our organization before moving forward. The shape of a “new-power” structure is a circle where everyone leads the way and is equal. Though some hierarchy may be found in large organizational structures, elected leaders are in service to the people and aim to maximize the shared power of the organization; they do not claim that power for personal agendas. The goal is to promote democratic processes and amplify the voices of our members so we may reach consensus as often as possible.
A large number; multiple and various. This word is designed to replace a limiting, traditional concept of diversity by creating groups with multiplicity in mind. The policies in our Party needs to ensure we are doing more than just checking affirmative action boxes. The goal is to have greater participation by various and intersectional perspectives: socioeconomic, ethnic, geographic, and non-binary genders, just to name a few.
Councils and
Request the Democratic National Committee members to approve the formation of a number of ad hoc committees, referred to in this Blueprint as councils and workgroups. These groups are designed to move to a new-power system where more people are helping to make the decisions of the Party. Each ad hoc committee will be created with multiplicity guidelines, chaired by a DNC Executive Committee member, given a focus area, a clear timeline and goals, and provided with support staff and resources. All members of the public will be encouraged to apply for these special committees and will hold a one-year term to allow more involvement. They will utilize the latest video conferencing technology to give access to the greatest group of people and make meeting affordable, convenient and inclusive.

On the pages that follow, I have outlined a framework within which to build. Rebuilding all four key pillars of our organization – Purpose, Partnership, Structure and Culture – is required to support a vibrant, resilient and innovative organization. As is consistent with a new-power system, these pillars have been developed in collaboration with a diverse group of people from across the country.

Read the details of how we can rebuild our four pillars at the links below:


Or read the full DNC Blueprint for our Future plan.

This DNC Blueprint for the Future is an ever-evolving work in progress. It is designed to begin a dialogue with the greatest group of Democrats we have seen actively engaged with our Party in at least a decade. How we go about the bold, visionary work of rebuilding our Party is up to YOU! We can’t afford to lose one single voice in this process. We must engage everyone in brainstorming and decision making to ensure the energy and passion we put into this process results in the most innovative, vibrant, resilient Democratic Party America has seen.  This plan is a result of the last decade I have spent engaging with people throughout our country, from all walks of life, in the conversation about saving our democracy. As I push more people to contemplate revolutionary ways of conducting political work the closer we get to a breakthrough. The most important role for the DNC is to interact with and empower the public, from the local level up to the national stage, to implement the best ideas from the greatest group of thinkers. I want to be your next DNC Chair to ensure that we revolutionize the Democratic Party for the generations to come, as a trusted, vibrant beacon of democracy! Be bold, take risks and join me!