DNC Blueprint for the Future: Partnership

Partnership – The DNC needs to lead the way on collaborative partnerships that aim to maximize our strengths and resources while minimizing redundancies and waste.

State Partnership Program – Our first mission-critical item is to ensure we have the 57 strong, vibrant state Parties to take back statehouses and achieve electoral success at every level of governance.

  • Make Democrats Abroad, D.C. and our 5 territories full partners with equity.
  • Workgroup of stakeholders to create a plan that includes: a 57-state strategic planning process, job descriptions for Party officers and key staff, a base level of monthly resources, mutual accountability and an additional support structure required for success.
  • A minimum of $15,000 a month will be provided to all 57 state parties with additional resources provided in individual contracts agreed upon based on state specific strategic plans and goals.
  • Quarterly training programs in regions for state, county, and township party support staff, as well as allied organizations, candidates, and activists.
  • Decide on what national contracts all 57 state parties use that make sense to have bulk ordering or contracts for. Examples include: conference and video lines, texting services, cell phone services, laptop and/or tablet rental or purchase agreements, liability insurance, payroll services, cloud-based storage, email and other communication systems.
  • Transition manuals for new leaders, DNC members, State Chairs, State Vice-Chairs, Executive Directors and other key staff positions.
  • Transition training program for new leaders, DNC members, State Chairs, State Vice-Chairs, Executive Directors and other key staff positions.
  • Regional desks housed with local offices who work on the following items with their assigned states and Democrats Abroad:
    1. Fundraising: Plan and communicate all national visits, call-time support for Chairs, training for fundraising staff, brainstorming ideas, find national surrogates for state party events.
    2. Digital: Highlight emerging leaders with an emphasis on the New American Majority to national press, promote positive values-based brand to regional press, relay regional issues to national spokespeople, provide training and support on new technologies.
    3. Political: Candidate recruitment, strategic planning, leadership transition training, coordinated campaign planning, troubleshooting, crisis management.
    4. Other areas: as needed.

Reconciliation Tour – Our leaders must hold a series of reconciliation meetings to facilitate and heal the fractures that exist today in our Party. We must give our members a safe place to air grievances and identify more ways to restore trust by getting out into the field and working with those who feel disenfranchised and aggrieved.

Annual Association Retreat – Joint strategic planning sessions with the Executive Committees of the DNC, Association of State Democratic Chairs, and Association of State Democratic Executive Directors to collaborate on organizational purpose–and delegate based on strengths and resource–is vital to our success and maintaining a shared vision.

Annual Progressive Strategy Summit – We must partner with our committees, constituency caucuses, labor groups, Democracy Alliance, and other allied groups to work collaboratively, maximize resources, and minimize redundancies. We must lead the way in research and development to find innovative ways to promote democracy and elect Democrats at all levels.

Annual Caucus Summit – An event that will provide an opportunity for caucus members to partner on joint issues and strategies and encourage open lines of communication and understanding.

Annual Precinct Captain Conference – An opportunity for the grassroots of our Party to gather, receive training and share ideas, resources and mentor each other.

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This DNC Blueprint for the Future is an ever-evolving work in progress. It is designed to begin a dialogue with the greatest group of Democrats we have seen actively engaged with our Party in at least a decade. How we go about the bold, visionary work of rebuilding our Party is up to YOU! We can’t afford to lose one single voice in this process. We must engage everyone in brainstorming and decision making to ensure the energy and passion we put into this process results in the most innovative, vibrant, resilient Democratic Party America has seen. This plan is a result of the last decade I have spent engaging with people throughout our country, from all walks of life, in the conversation about saving our democracy. As I push more people to contemplate revolutionary ways of conducting political work the closer we get to a breakthrough. The most important role for the DNC is to interact with and empower the public, from the local level up to the national stage, to implement the best ideas from the greatest group of thinkers. I want to be your next DNC Chair to ensure that we revolutionize the Democratic Party for the generations to come, as a trusted, vibrant beacon of democracy! Be bold, take risks and join me!