DNC Blueprint for the Future: Purpose

Purpose – We must become a service-based organization designed to meet the needs of our national institutions, 57 state Party organizations, our general membership, and every single citizen who needs an advocate on their behalf. It is imperative that we simultaneously create an insurgency to save democracy, and protect our freedoms.

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This DNC Blueprint for the Future is an ever-evolving work in progress. It is designed to begin a dialogue with the greatest group of Democrats we have seen actively engaged with our Party in at least a decade. How we go about the bold, visionary work of rebuilding our Party is up to YOU! We can’t afford to lose one single voice in this process. We must engage everyone in brainstorming and decision making to ensure the energy and passion we put into this process results in the most innovative, vibrant, resilient Democratic Party America has seen.  This plan is a result of the last decade I have spent engaging with people throughout our country, from all walks of life, in the conversation about saving our democracy. As I push more people to contemplate revolutionary ways of conducting political work the closer we get to a breakthrough. The most important role for the DNC is to interact with and empower the public, from the local level up to the national stage, to implement the best ideas from the greatest group of thinkers. I want to be your next DNC Chair to ensure that we revolutionize the Democratic Party for the generations to come, as a trusted, vibrant beacon of democracy! Be bold, take risks and join me!